What is ICF?

The Independent CrowdFundingICFis the platform for publishing and advertising your project.

You can publish any project here. The project must comply with the norms of public morality and the laws. Responsibility for the published material is born by the creator of the project. The site’s administrator, if possible, checks the published projects and can delete the project for violating these rules.

Your success in collecting donations depends only on you and your activity. Crowdfunding uses the principle “friend invites a friend.”

  • Without an account Yes
  • Without Intermediaries Yes
  • Without risk Yes

We offer

  • Publish the project

    Come up with a name of your project. Publish a suitable photo or picture for it in the project. Describe the essence of your project (at least 45 words). Sentences must carry specific information about the project. You cannot use names and links to other companies. The project should not violate the norms of public morals and laws. Publication of information about you is not mandatory.

  • Donate to other projects

    After you make a donation for another project, your project will take its place in the album and after its verification it will be available to everyone. You will receive a link to promote it.

  • Receive donations

    When your project is the next in the queue to receive a donation, you receive 100% of the donation amount. The donation comes directly to you and cannot be detained by anyone or not paid.

How does it work?

  • Think up
  • Publish
  • Tell
  • Collect
  • Bring to life

CROWDFUNDINGis a public funding(it is derived from a combination of English words “сrowd” and “funding”) – it is a collective collaboration of people (donors, senders, Maecenas) who voluntarily pool their money or other resources together, usually via the Internet, to support the efforts of other people (owners, founders of a startup company, a project) or organizations (recipients).

This is the creation of a project out of your dream and its implementation by attracting small amounts of money from a huge number of people.

  • What is this site intended for?

    Allows you to publish a project on the Internet and receive Direct and Regular donations to it.

  • What is a Direct donation?

    A donation to the project from a person without opening an account.

  • What is the next donation?

    A donation for the project from a person registering own project. The queue for obtaining donations is automatically controlled by the site.

  • How to choose the method of transfer of a donation?

    Contact the project owner and select the suitable method of donation for both of you.

  • Can I create a project to open a business?

    Yes, you can create such a project.

  • The owner of the project does not answer. What shall I do?

    Contact the Administrator. He will help you.

  • I want to create a project for my underage child. How can I do it?

    Your child cannot receive and give donations on his/her own. Register a project on you and use the received donations for the child.

  • Can a husband and wife have different projects?

    Yes. Any Internet user can open an account by specifying his/her email address.

  • How many projects can I publish?

    Each user can open one project.

  • What needs to be done before – donation or creation of own project?

    Register an account, create a project, check it, and donate to another project.

  • In how many days after the project was created can I make a donation?

    You can make a donation immediately after creation of your project.


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